Our company Mimar Sinanoğlu, which we established in 2003, serves on furniture production, architectural project, interior space project, industrial product design and applications.

Since 2009, we have a furniture production facility in Antalya Akdeniz Industry Area, which has 1.200 m2 closed area operation. We provide turn-key applications for various areas such as hotel, residence, store, institutional structure together with fixed and mobile furniture production.

We are carrying out the necessary project works and productions under Sinanoglu brand, which will work for many years without any problems and designers can be able to achieve aesthetic results, with the most efficient way for the customer and the companies.

As Mimar Sinanoğlu, with our expert production team and experienced technical team, aims to create comfortable, convenient, spaces by targeting customer satisfaction.

In order to provide better service with increasing demand we will continue our production in the new furniture factory which will be installed in a closed area of 5.000 m2 in Antalya Organize Industry Area in 2018.